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Flag, Country, & Christ

As Christians we should reason together from both sides of the argument and pray for our country, leaders, and each other.

Perspective #1:  The kneeling was never about the flag or the anthem but about racial injustice.  Anyone who presumes the kneeling to be about the flag or the anthem has missed the entire point and probably thinks, for example, Rosa Parks was protesting public transportation when choosing not to move to the back of the bus or later not to ride the bus at all.  Again, the point is not the flag or the anthem but in protest to racial injustice specifically relating to

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“Choices” The One Word that Sums it All Up

As you enter this Fall 2016 semester; whether you are an incoming freshmen or returning student, college and life in general is summed up in one word “choices”. When God created mankind, He gave us a will. In other words, He gave us the freedom to make our own choices in life.
Being a college student you have and will be presented with so many choices:

• What is my major?
• Who will I consider a friend?
• Should I join this organization?
• Should I study for this test instead of hanging out?

There are many more choices included, however, we must understand that

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