As you enter this Fall 2016 semester; whether you are an incoming freshmen or returning student, college and life in general is summed up in one word “choices”. When God created mankind, He gave us a will. In other words, He gave us the freedom to make our own choices in life.
Being a college student you have and will be presented with so many choices:

• What is my major?
• Who will I consider a friend?
• Should I join this organization?
• Should I study for this test instead of hanging out?

There are many more choices included, however, we must understand that whatever choices we make, there is an outcome. The wise decisions bring favorable outcomes; however, bad decisions bring result in bad consequences. In Deuteronomy 30: 15 God through Moses was reminding His people of the choices that they had before them. “See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. He placed the onus on them to choose the life that they wanted.
While you are pursuing your degree in college, remember that every day we have the opportunity of making the right choices. The following are the right decisions to make to ensure the success you were meant to achieve:

• Choose Christ so that you will ensure everlasting life.
• Choose to study so that you will ensure your graduation.
• Choose your friends wisely, so that you will ensure the necessary positive support.
• Choose the right mentors so that you will ensure the proper guidance.
• Choose to manage your time effectively, so that you will ensure the right priorities.

Submitted by:
Vantrel Mainor, Advisor